West Seattle: Hard-Wired for Glory

Tonight several West Seattle bars will be the first to release Whale Tail Ale, “the next West Seattle charity beer.” This brown Belgian-style beer is once again made by Big Al Brewing and will only be on tap around West Seattle. According to the website, “It’s a deep brown colored ale with malty sweet flavor and aroma, and a dry spicy/fruity finish. Overall, a smooth, flavorful beer that will smack you in the head as it passes by with it’s huge Whale Tail. Approximately 6.5% ABV.”

Tonight, Wednesday, November 9th at 6 p.m., participating West Seattle bars will celebrate the official release of Whale Tail. Bars include The Feedback Lounge, West5, Shadowland, Mission, The Bridge, Locol, Beveridge Place Pub, Company Bar, Full Tilt Ice Cream, Avalon and Big Al Brewing.

Named after the Whale Tail Park at Alki Beach, the name and logo were conceived by Jeff Gilbert of the Feedback Lounge. Most bars that carry the beer will designate a local West Seattle charity as their beneficiary and donate a portion of proceeds from the sale of the ale. (You can ask where the proceeds are going when you order a pint.)

This follows last summer’s highly successful release of the team’s first local charity beer, Lowman Brau, named after Lowman Beach Park, and a famous other beer.

As West Seattleites, we appreciate this final word from the beer’s makers: “Why a West Seattle-only beer? Because we think West Seattle is cooler than your neighborhood. (In your face, Ballard.)”

Our post’s headline? That’s the beer’s slogan. We didn’t make it up, you can thank Jeff Gilbert for that.

The full press release, as published in the West Seattle Herald:

Whale Tail Ale, local brew, launches tonight in area bars

By Steve Shay

Press release:WHALE TAIL ALE, a delicious brown Belgian ale crafted by our friends at Big Al Brewing, is the latest “made by West Seattle, for West Seattle” charity beer. Following in the hugely successful footsteps of last summer’s Lowman Brau, Whale Tail Ale is the second of three beers conceived to support our community.

And as with Lowman Brau, if you wanna drink Whale Tail Ale, you either gotta live here or come here, because this is OUR beer (though we’re happy to share it with anyone brave enough to cross the West Seattle Bridge during the afternoon commute).

WHALE TAIL ALE, being served at select local bars/restaurants (listed below), is not only West Seattle-centric in name (you’ve heard of our locally famous Whale Tail Park on Alki, yes?), but is designed to support our kick ass neighborhood and community. Each participating establishment has pledged a percentage of every pint sold during WHALE TAIL ALE’s limited winter run to West Seattle/White Center charities. If there was ever a time to drink beer, this is it!

THE FEEDBACK LOUNGE, along with our friends at WEST 5, SHADOWLAND, MISSION, THE BRIDGE, LOCÖL, BEVERIDGE PLACE PUB, COMPANY BAR, FULL-TILT ICE CREAM, AVALON, and of course, BIG AL BREWING, is introducing WHALE TAIL ALE to the entire West Seattle/White Center communities, all on the same night in each of our establishments.

On WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 9, 2011, 6PM, all the participating venues will hold a 21 & older premier party for WHALE TAIL ALE, so whichever place is your hangout, we got some tail for you!

WHALE TAIL ALE’S logo was designed by Jeff Gilbert, co-owner of the Feedback Lounge. The Whale Tail name is an homage to Alki Beach’s famous Whale Tail Park and keeps with the West Seattle theme of each charity beer. (The displayed tail is based on the park’s actual whale sculpture.)

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