What you need to know about the new Lagunitas Brewing location in Seattle

The first thing you need to know is that the new Lagunitas Brewing Taproom and Beer Sanctuary is open. Hello Seattle, Lagunitas Brewing has arrived. By now, maybe you’ve heard the news: they opened last week. I admit that I’ve been a bit slow to share the news. My only excuse for being late to the party is directly related to the second thing you need to know.


The second thing you need to know is that they are not yet brewing in Seattle. Yes, they plan to brew beer at the new location, which is actually the old Hilliard’s Beer building in Ballard, located at 1550 49th Ave. NW. At the new location in Ballard, they intend to brew Seattle-only creations. Timeline on that development is still undefined, but they’re working on it. When that happens, you can expect me to completely freak out about it here on the blog.


Also, they’re going to do some barrel-aging at the Seattle location. Sounds like they might start out by barrel-aging beers that they’ll truck up I-5 from the Lagunitas brewery in Petaluma, California. We’ll see.


For now they are pouring a selection of Lagunitas beers, some you’re very familiar with and some you probably haven’t heard of.


The space is large, open and will feature lots of picnic-type tables. In the pictures, the space was cleared for large crowd. Lots of the empty space you see will have tables.


Also, there’s a lot of ideas bouncing around. After all, we are talking Lagunitas and they dance to the tune of their own fiddle. There is space in the building that has not been designated for assignment, but there are ideas. One thing is for sure, the new taproom and sanctuary will be available to non-profit partners as an event space. In some form, anyway. That plan is coming together.


Get yourself to Lagunitas and try some of the CitruSinensis, or one of the other tasty brews they have on tap.


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  1. The bar is in the East end of the building, the West end on 17 still looks pretty abandoned.

    Make sure that you cross the street to visit The Bergschrund, which has been NW Peak’s taproom since they have been contract brewing .

  2. Or better yet, skip the non- independent , non-Seattle brewery and head straight anyone of the fine , independent , craft brewers in the neighborhood. Resist corporate beer.

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