What's Brewing at Fremont Brewing

Other than delicious beer, there is a lot brewing at Fremont Brewing these days. Big changes at the Urban Beer Garden, Fremont Brewing’s tasting room, are underway. The company plans to start packaging its beer in aluminum cans (which makes owner Matt Lincecum so excited he can hardly stand it). What’s more, the brewery continues to pursue and expand its barrel-aging program with vigor.

Here is some information we just learned from the WABL newsletter. You are a member of Washington Beer Lovers (WABL), right? News from Fremont Brewing:

1. The Urban Beer Garden moves into it’s new space (sometime) in July. Due to increased demand, we have had to move to a 7-day a week brewing schedule which is not compatible with the current Urban Beer Garden (our brewing space). We will have 400 sq. ft of outside seating, 14 taps (11 Fremont, 1 guest, 1 Nitro & a beer engine for our weekly cask offerings). It’s fun, funky and features old-school bleacher seating as well as two 16 foot community tables, a roll-up garage door will access the outdoor seating overlooking Lake Union and downtown….sweet.  All the wood used in the project is reclaimed and all the people involved are good looking.

2. Hours for the UBG will expand to 7-days/week but we will not be open later. We will remain a funky, beer-focused low-key community hang.

3. Cans arrive in two weeks and will be in stores by mid-July. Universale Pale, Interurban IPA and the Seasonals (beginning with Summer Ale). YES WE CAN! We eventually hope to include specialty beers such as The Brother/Sister IIPAs. in the can program.

4. Kentucky Dark Star – bourbon barrel aged imperial oatmeal stout – is released for the first time in July. A blend of 2-year, 1-year and 8-month old barrels, the Inaugural Release promises to entice and enchant the beer lover.

5. The Lamb – wine barrel aged American Saison undergoes secondary fermentation with Brett. Lambicus

6. Barrel Program – we have leased another warehouse to house our expanded barrel program. While the location is top secret (somewhere in Fremont), the purpose is not. We are greatly expanding our Pacific Northwest Wild Beer Program and our bourbon program and have simply run out of space at our production facility. I anticipate over 400 barrels filled with lovely beer by the end of the year (over 100 currently).

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  1. I’m excited about each of the above five points. I was just there the morning of the 4th to pick up two bottles of KBS. I just tried their Summer Ale last night. A little hoppy for a summer ale, but in a good way, and incredibly smooth mouthfeel.

    Keep it up, Fremont!

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