What’s Brewing in Edmonds

Back in October we introduced you to American Brewing Company, a new craft brewery opening in Edmonds. (Read the complete story.) Today we report that the new brewhouse has been built and brewing is underway. Brewmaster Skip Madsen is busily working on some of ABC’s first creations.

Yesterday, via Twitter, @AmericanBrewing said, “American Blonde and Breakaway IPA fermenting. Next week we brew Ed’s Red. Can the Grand Opening be just around the corner? We think so!”

In our October report we also told you that Gallagher’s Where U Brew, which resided in downtown Edmonds for years, was moving its operation into the space right next to American Brewing Company, creating a new two-headed beer destination near the waterfront in Edmonds.

Photo shamelessly lifted from Gallagher's website - www.whereubrew.com.

Yesterday Kim stopped by to take a look at how things are coming along. American Brewing Company is not yet open for business. We will let you know when the tasting room opens and when Skip starts to send beer out the door.

Next door at Gallagher’s, things are hopping. The move from downtown Edmonds to the new location is complete. Beer is flowing and the brewing equipment is in place and ready to go. Business was brisk yesterday afternoon: people were about to start brewing, others were just drinking beer, and some were just looking around at the new place. Kim snapped a few photos (with her Crackberry, so they aren’t perfect).

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