What's the state of your favorite beer?

Poll results - which state produces the best beer.

We have just closed our most recent poll. We asked you, essentially, “Which state produces the best beer?” The choices were Washington, Oregon, California, Colorado, or other. This poll was created in response to last month’s hot topic: drinking local beer vs. drinking the best beer available.

Since this is the Washington Beer Blog, it comes as no surprise that Washington won, collecting 38% of the votes.  Oregon (28.4%) and California (25.8%) were not far behind. It is surprising that Colorado did so poorly.

We admit that this was not one of our more popular polls. It ran for just about one month and only attracted 478 votes.  Considering the number of daily visitors to the Blog, we expected a lot more votes. Last month we posted an article about drinking local beer vs. drinking the best available beer – To drink or not to drink… local, that is. It was one of our most popular posts to date and created a lot of good, heated conversation. So why did people not want to vote in this poll? Who knows.


  1. a little bias here maybe…?
    Pick ten of your favorite or best WA beers and compare them to the ten best beers from OR and CA to compare…
    Look at BA or ratebeer, the CA and OR beers dominate the top 100 beers

  2. Well naturally Kif, isn’t beer appreciation inherently biased? Depending on your personality type, your favorites are probably influenced by what you are most familiar with, or what you find most interesting, exciting and new. While I appreciate the opinions expressed on BA and ratebeer, I’m not going to let them (or any “top 100 list”), tell me which beers are my favorites.

  3. Like, uh… I think someone had too much water in their bong this morning. Uh, huh huh huh. Huh huh. He said “pick.” Huh huh huh.

  4. Wow, that Colorado number is surprising. Perhaps it is a referendum on New Belgium? We don’t actually get so many CO beers in Oregon–NB, Boulder, and Great Divide, more or less. That may be a factor, too.

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