Where would you go on your next beer vacation?

A good friend of the Washington Beer Blog is currently in Belgium, which gave us an idea for a new poll. Our friend is doing a very good job of keeping us posted as he ambles about the bucolic Belgian beer landscape. Bastard.  Not really, it’s just that he is making us very jealous, to say the least.

So we have decided that it is time to start a new poll. We want to know where in the world you would choose to drink beer. Imagine that money is not an issue. You get to go wherever you want. Belgium, England, Ireland, Germany, and so on. The poll is over there in the right sidebar.

We’ve included California and Oregon as options because your responses to previous posts and polls suggest that many of you think that those two states are worthy of making the short list. We are also allowing you to write in anyplace you like.

So where in the world would you go to drink beer?


  1. I would take the two-hour drive to a place I called home for about three years while going to school: Asheville, NC.

    Yes, I’ve spent a lot of time there, but it’s a worthy beer destination and one that I greatly miss. There are around nine microbreweries/brew pubs right now, and “Beer City USA” is also home to so many great non-beer related things, as well as beautiful mountain scenery.

    But since Asheville didn’t make the cut, I’ll vote for Oregon, since it’s home to the other Beer City USA and all. 😉

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