Whiny the Complainer – Release is Tomorrow at Big Time Brewery

I know how heartbroken many of you were upon learning that Russian River Brewing would no longer distribute beer to Washington. About a month ago, when the news broke, there was an immediate and visceral reaction. There was a lot of whining and complaining. We struggled to cope with the shock. “Why us? What did we do to deserve this?” Then the wringing of hands and bemoaning morphed into defiance and resentment. “Screw those guys; our beer is better anyway.” It was like that stages of grief thing.

Now that the dust has settled (the acceptance stage), many people are discussing local brews that serve as a worthy replacement for the uber-popular Pliny the Elder (double IPA) and Pliny the Younger (triple IPA).  As great as Russian River Brewing’s beers might be, certainly some local brews can stand toe-to-toe with the Plinys. For example, Whiny the Complainer from Big Time Brewing.

Tomorrow (Tues, Feb 5), Big Time Brewing Company will release Whiny the Complainer Triple IPA. I was fortunate enough to get a preview of this beer, though I am not at liberty to tell you where or when. It is huge. It is good. I mean, really good. Y’all seem willing to stand on your heads for hours to catch a glimpse of Pliny the Younger, so why not make a simple trip the University District tomorrow to enjoy a locally brewed triple IPA. And for heaven’s sake, stop your whining!

Here’s the official word from Drew Cluley, head brewer at Big Time.

Tomorrow February 5th is THE day.  The second annual release of Whiny the Complainer Triple IPA from the Big Time Brewing Co in Seattle will commence at 11:30am at the brewery. Brewed to “honor” beer  aficionados, Whiny is a Triple IPA with nearly 4lbs of hops per barrel, and a healthy 10.8 % alcohol by volume.  Last year’s version came in at 9.3% abv.  This year the brewers decided to kick it up both in bitterness and flavor hops, and well as alcohol.  A few quarter barrels will be released around town but the majority of the 12 barrel batch is slated to pour at the Big Time through February.

New this year is the very limited release of 22oz bottles (only 30 cases made).

The Big Time Brewing Company is Washington’s oldest brewpub and will celebrate 25 years in business in December 2013.

Drew Cluley, Head Brewer

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