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Nestled up against the Cascade Mountains in the upper Stillaguamish valley, the town of Darrington got its name by accident. Back in 1895, the locals held a meeting and decided to call their young town Barrington. The U.S Postal Department mistakenly transposed the B into a D and the burg has been called Darrington ever since. There’s your Washington trivia fix for the day. Today we share news of a new brewery, distillery and pub planned to open in Darrington.

Work is busily underway at a historic building in downtown Darrington. A new brewery, distillery and pub, expected to open next spring, will operate out of the old city hall building. Plans call for the brewery to be located on the ground floor with a pub on the second floor.

Jack Hatley will be the brewer at Whiskey Ridge Brewing. His partner, Bruce Blacker, will be distilling spirits and running a pub. To comply with licensing requirements, the business entities will operate separately but will be joined at the hip. In other words, the brewery will be separate from the pub upstairs, but that is where you will find the beer (and presumably the whiskey). Jack also plans to sell beer beyond the pub.

“This will be my first official brewery but I have been doing the home thing for about 7 years,” Jack told us. “Before that I was a great fan of the early microbrews in the late 1980s and beyond.”

For more pictures, and to follow the progress, visit the official Whiskey Ridge Brewing website. If you want to know more or are interested in getting involved, contact Jack Hatley via email.


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