Who celebrates World Toilet Day?

This might be a bit off topic, but it’s fun. On occasion I hear people talking smack about Rogue Ales. I hear people complain about stuff like the beer not being cheap. Would you rather have it be bad? Personally, I often complain that they make way too many different beers. I am just one man, after all. So much beer, so little time. But I am never disappointed when I drink Rogue beers and they always seem to come in very fancy screen-printed bottles, so who’s to complain?

Perhaps the thing I love most about Rogue is their attitude. For example, this morning the Washington Beer Blog’s newsroom received the following press release.


World Toilet Day: ISSAQUAH BREWHOUSE Flushes Record Away

ISSAQUAH, WA – Recently in celebration of World Toilet Day the Issaquah Brewhouse offered hourly bathroom tours to its clientele. The men’s restroom was the site of a historic event as thirty-three customers had the honor and privilege to be a part of the largest bathroom tour ever given at the pub.

Customers were treated to a tour of the facilities and a takeway Rogue gift bag. Included during the tour was a taster of Yellow Snow IPA, dedicated to common sense.

Further inquiries regarding times and available amenities of bathroom tours can be directed towards the staff and managers of the Issaquah Brewhouse at(425) 557-1911.

Walk-ins welcome.

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  1. I started The People’s Own Organic Power Project (www.thePOOPproject.org). As a sanitation advocate, I am fond of World Toilet Day, moreover, I like drinking beer (especially IPAs and Belgians). I’m happy to hear that Rogue and the Issaquah Brewhouse are celebrating, though they might want to hold onto their party hats. While you’re in the bathroom, why not give a contribution to a new rooftop garden? Urine happens to be an exceptional fertilizer (see http://www.liquidgoldbook.com/). Cheers!

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