Who Doesn’t Love Craft Brew Swag?

Today we welcome a new sponsor, Todd and Michele Anderson operate the website from Idaho, providing breweries with an easy way to sell their swag online and creating an easy way for beer lovers to buy it.

T-shirts, hats, and more, check the website and get yourself duded up in some killer beer swag from breweries around the Northwest. And you breweries, this is an easy way for you to get your swag online and in the hands of the beer lovers who want it.

Ever run over your favorite ball cap from your favorite brewery with the lawnmower? Has your favorite brewery T-shirt got so many miles on it that your spouse officially forbids you from wearing it in public anymore? Meet devoted craft brew fans Todd and Michele Andersen. The brew swag collection that they have amassed over the years is near and dear to their hearts.

Alas, the swag doesn’t last forever. In their rural Northern Idaho location they can purchase craft beer produced by breweries hundreds of miles away; but the only way to get their swag is to visit the brewery. Who has time to travel all those miles?


According to, “Craft breweries do what they do best: brew awesome beer. The time and expense of providing online swag sales for most small breweries is not practical. They didn’t get into the business of brewing beer so they could sell hats and t-shirts.”

This is where Todd and Michele come in. Founded in 2013, was created to support the craft brew industry by providing an online store for craft breweries. partners with Northwest brewers and creates brewery-specific stores accessed through Craft brew fans everywhere can now conveniently purchase swag from their favorite brewery online.

Help us in welcoming as a blog sponsor. Go check out the online store and pick up some new brew swag.

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