Wild Earth Brewing closes its doors

Updated Dec. 12, with more detail from the brewery.

Wild Earth Brewing opened in Roslyn, Washington last spring. Click here to see our previous posts about Wild Earth. The biggest problem that this small brewery faced, it could not make enough beer to keep up with demand. Not a bad problem to have, but a problem nonetheless.

Last week, Wild Earth Brewing closed its doors, ceasing operations and promising to pursue a business model that would enable it to meet demand for its product. It is happily uncommon that this blog reports that a Washington brewery has gone out of business, so we’ll take Wild Earth Brewing’s word for it and assume they’ll be back, but for now the brewery and taproom in Roslyn is closed.

According to David Kilgour, who is the owner, brewer, bartender, bookkeeper, janitor and bottlewasher at Wild Earth Brewing, it simply didn’t make sense for him to continue operations at the current location. “My facility was not big enough to grow into,” he said via email. “And I felt [it] was not worth the investment to meet the overwhelming demand for the beers as a production brewery…. I chose, over months of discussion and thought, to close my doors and seek out investment to build a brewery and business that can be more efficient and sustainable.  I hope to remain active in the Washington beer scene through collaboration brews and other avenues to keep the brand alive.”

“I guess all the discussion on my closing is a testament to the quality of product and how much people love to support small business and craft beer,” said Kilgour. “I hope to be bring the Wild Earth beers back to customers sooner than later.”

On the company’s Facebook page, and its website, the official announced looked like this:

First, I would like to extend a hearty and sincere thank you for supporting our craft and for sharing a beer (or several) with us over the past year.

We are both excited and humbled by the overwhelmingly positive response to our beers and brand, and it reinforces for us the notion that people crave quality and creativity – even more so than we could have anticipated! With this encouragement, it has become clear to us that in order to meet the demand for our product we must evaluate our operation and explore new business models that will enable us to grow to meet the level of production our customers are demanding.

To that end, we have decided to close our current operation in Roslyn at the end of December while we investigate our options. This decision does not come easy, but we look forward to sharing the next phase of Wild Earth Brewing with all of you.

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  1. We were planning to head over on the 20th, and thought their comment about closing at the end of the year meant we would just make it … apparently not.

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