Wingman Brewers Set to Celebrate 3rd Anniversary

This message comes from the Wingman Brewers Facebook page, and via some questions that our South Sound Bureau Chief, Casey McLain, asked Ken Thoburn,  Head Brewer at Wingman Brewers.

It’s time to celebrate 3 years of Wingman Beers!

On April 19th from Noon to Midnight we will be be throwing down and celebrating with the folks that make it matter…YOU!

As part of the festivities we will be premiering our Double IPA POCKET ACES, which will be available in 22oz bottles as well as a limited amount on draft.


Speaking of draft here’s just some of what we will have for you:

Pocket Aces 12% ABV

Coconut P-51 8%ABV

Operation Crossroads Old Ale 16.8% ABV

Chocolate, Coffee, Oatmeal Stout 7.8%ABV

Rye Barleywine 10%ABV

Miss-B-Haven Tripel 9% ABV



Ace IPA 7.1%ABV

P-51 Porter 8% ABV

Seattle Cider Company Cider

…and more!

We will also be premiering new glassware, growlers, squealers, shirts, and hoodies!

Food will be available from our friends at Budha Bear Bagels all day

See you at the brewery!


From head brewer Ken Thoburn:

Casey: What does reaching three years mean to you?

Ken: Reaching three years feels good when I stop to think about it. We’ve had such a huge amount of support from the local community and and the craft beer community over the past three years. It’s been a wild ride so far.

Casey: How excited are you to have a tap room to celebrate Wingman’s third anniversary?

Ken: I love that we can throw parties at our taproom. What is space for if it is not being filled with people celebrating? It’s really fun when what we’re celebrating is our own success, though. I am always humbled when I walk into the taproom and see it full of people, and I’m sure April 19 (the date of the party) will be no different.

Casey: For athletes there is an athletic prime that is usually early in even the best athlete’s career, but in terms of human development, Wingman is only now exiting the toddler stage. Do you think Wingman is in its prime, or has it yet to hit its prime? How stupid a question is this?

Ken: I don’t think this is a stupid question. I don’t know if there is really any way to know if you’re peaking, but I can tell you I would be very disappointed in myself and my company if we were peaking right now. We’re more of a toddler just learning how to walk than an athlete in their prime. Our best beers are yet to come.

Casey: From where do you draw inspiration for your innovative beers?

Ken: From everything. Brewing is always on my mind, so I’m always trying to think of new things to do. We’re teaming up with Maxwell’s restaurant in Tacoma for an upcoming event centered around bacon. We wanted to make something unique so we decided to make an old Polish style of beer called Gratzer. It’s a smoked wheat beer style. In talking with Maxwell’s chef, we decided to smoke the wheat malt with bacon at Maxwell’s. The end result was wheat that smelled and tasted like bacon. These things just come together sometimes in fun and surprising ways.

Casey: Do you view brewing as more of an art or a science?

Ken: Brewing requires scientific knowledge to produce a quality and consistent product. I think calling brewing an art is a little overboard, though. As brewers we learn a skill and practice a craft. There are artistic parts in what we do, but I think of myself as much more of a craftsperson than an artist.

Casey: What has been the biggest surprise for you as a brewery owner in the past three years?

Ken: I still can’t say enough about how awesome the brewing community is. The bond between craft brewers is still a strong one. We’re excited in Tacoma to be welcoming two new breweries. More good beer to go around and more collaboration and cross-promotion. It’s a great industry to be in right now.

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Casey McLain is the founder of North and South of Royal Brougham, a replacement-level Seattle sports blog, and can be found tweeting about beer and sports @CaseyMcLain34.

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