Our Winter Beer Poll, the results thus far

We’ve had the poll up for 10 days now. Voting has been slower than we expected, but we’ve had a few hundred votes now and some clear leaders have emerged. Boundary Bay Cabin Fever is currently in the lead, followed closely by Maritime Pacific Jolly Roger, Big Time Old Wooly, and Elysian BiFrost.

We will run the poll for a few more days, announce the final results, and then move on. If you have not yet, you should vote for your favorite Winter beer.

Someone questioned why we consider Old Wooly a winter beer when it is a barley wine. Big time releases Old Wooly every year on December 1st and many beer lovers around here associate it with winter, so we decided to include it.

winter_beer_poll_chartBoundary Bay Cabin Fever – 18%
Maritime Pacific Jolly Roger – 16%
Big Time Old Wooly – 14%
Elysian BiFrost – 10%
Fish Brewing Winterfish 6%
The remaining contestants all have less than 5%

“Other” votes – They’ve been included in the results above. Well, except for the ones that are not Washington beers and the ones that are not winter beers.

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