World of Beer – Coming Soon to Renton, WA

Today plans were released for a World of Beer location in Renton, Washington. My sources tell me that the World of Beer Renton will be at The Landing – a large retail center north of downtown.

The Coming Soon section of the company’s website does not mention the Renton location, but today I learned that the architectural drawings, engineering specifications, and so on, have been released for bid. Although this is not an ironclad guarantee that it will come to fruition, it seems quite likely that Renton is going to get the first World of Beer franchise on the west coast. Someone has already invested a significant amount of money and effort in the project.

There are more than 30 World of Beer franchises across America, with plans for more. Most of the existing locations are in Florida and the South East. The closest World of Beer franchise to Seattle is in Tempe, Arizona.

It seems that each World of Beer location is a bottle shop as well as a bar. Music and sports also seem to be part of the recipe. According to the World of Beer website, “The World of Beer Guest Experience is the cornerstone of what we call WOB Culture. WOB Culture is about being a part of the neighborhood. It’s about being surrounded by good people who enjoy awesome beer, great music, and sports. When you walk into World of Beer, we want you to feel like you’re hosting a party in your own living room.”

Visit the website to learn more about World of Beer. Rest assured that the Washington Beer Blog will keep you posted as the story develops.


  1. I’m skeptical. It looks like all their locations are in the south and east. Why would they jump over the entire midwest and set up shop in Renton? I would look forward to a location here in the Northwest, I’m just a skeptic.

  2. Darren, be skeptical if you like, but recognize that there is no question about this: the plans have been filed and the job is out for bid. This is not the appropriate forum for me to explain what that means.

    Why would they all of a sudden open in the Seattle area? Maybe it’s because we drink more craft beer than any other city in the country except for Portland. They are a franchise. Expanding into new territory is what they do.

    With recent changes to the State’s liquor laws, Washington is a target rich environment. Hmmm. A topic for my next post, which I’ll do right now.

  3. Looks like a fun addition to The Landing – but don’t forget to check out our other (smaller) beer bars and bottleshops if you find yourself in Renton.

  4. Renton is in dire need of anchor tenants–especially the Landing.. = alot of space for the right price—people travel to good beer.

  5. The City of Renton also has kind of confirmed it on their Facebook page, mentioning it as one of the new businesses coming to The Landing. Yay beer!

  6. from my original post: “The Coming Soon section of the company’s website does not mention the Renton location, but today I learned that the architectural drawings, engineering specifications, and so on, have been released for bid. “

  7. Awesome, more great news for small independently owned bars and restaurants in downtown Renton!!!! In case you can’t tell I’m being completely sarcastic.
    There are many great bars, alehouses and restaurants with lots of great beer on tap in downtown Renton. We are in danger of completely losing our downtown if people do not stand up and support it!

  8. Why the defeatist attitude? Why assume you’re the only person who will continue to support the great places you love in Renton? As for me, I am not going to stop going to the Dog & Pony just because WoB opened down the street. WoB will be attractive to some people and unattractive to others. It will likely introduce a certain type of Rentonian to good beer — people who currently do not go to the better beer bars around town. Maybe they will seek out other places beyond WoB to drink good beer. To me, actually, that seems more likely than WoB stealing regulars from the D&P.

  9. Another location to enjoy good beer without having to deal with downtown Seattle parking sounds good to me. Going to a bar downtown is often more trouble than it is worth, parking fees with time limits blocks from where you want to go.
    I have been to a few of those local pubs others are speaking of in Renton. It appeared if you were not a regular you were not really welcome, sadly. Looking for a delightful change.

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