Old Yale Brewing Company. Chilliwack, BC

Would you go 100,000 miles in search of good beer?

We pulled up in front of the now-closed Cashmere Brewing Company a couple of years ago to find the taproom doors locked. We were early. After taking a leisurely stroll around the lovely little burg of Cashmere, we returned to find the doors still locked. Now they were late.

Another person was loitering in the parking lot, waiting for the brewery to open. “You guys write the Washington Beer Blog, right?” I did not recognize him and was quite sure I’d never met him. I was a bit worried until he said, “I recognize the car.”

That’s when we decided that our exceedingly well-traveled, oft-photographed Toyota Matrix needed a name. The Washington Beer Cruiser was born. That was probably 50,000 miles ago. After a recent trip to Leavenworth to visit the brand new Icicle Brewing Company, the Washington Beer Cruiser turned 100,000. She is still going strong. We take care of her and she takes care of us.

Waiting patiently for Cashmere Brewing to open. The brewery is now closed, the Washington Beer Cruiser is still going strong.

Unless Your Name is Bryan Bendix, She’s Got You Beat

She’s taken us from the rolling wheat fields of Walla Walla to the Halibut Mortuary at Neah Bay. From the glaciers of Mount Baker to the sandy expanses of Grayland Beach. There is no corner of the state she has not seen. In Odessa (Rocky Coulee Brewing), she was the only thing in town smaller than a Ford F-150. Even further out in the middle of nowhere, she crossed the Canadian border at Nighthawk, near Oroville (Alpine Brewing). Bet you haven’t done that.

The Washington Beer Cruiser has been to Russian River Brewing in Santa Rosa, CA; Old Yale Brewing in Chilliwack, BC; Sierra Nevada Brewing in Chico, CA; Siletz Road House and Brewery in Siletz, OR; North Coast Brewing in Fort Bragg, CA; Terminal Gravity Brewing in Enterprise, OR; Anderson Valley Brewing in Boonville, CA; and the list goes on and on.

The border crossing in Nighthawk, WA

Now, Even Easier to Identify

We recently decided that she deserved more recognition. Over the years we have outfitted her with our Thule car-topper, our bicycles, and more. She has endured countless hours of double-duty working as a rolling dog house for Kyra and Skye (the Washington Beer Hounds). Now, to give her the recognition she deserves, we have outfitted her with Washington Beer Blog logos.

Finally giving the Beer Cruiser the respect she deserves.

Look for the Washington Beer Cruiser around town during Seattle Beer Week. Beyond that, look for us “out there.”

Old Yale Brewing Company. Chilliwack, BC

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