Yakima’s Keg and Cork faces uncertain future

Bob Hargreaves, owner of Yakima’s Bob’s Keg and Cork, was hit by a car while walking home from the grocery story on December 26th. He is recovering, but facing a growing mountain of medical bills. The collision crushed his knee and he is expected to be in rehabilitation for the next three months. The motorist that hit Bob was uninsured.

Although Yakima is the heartland when it comes to hop production, it can be a tough place to find a good beer. Bob’s Keg and Cork is a beacon and Bob himself is an institution.

I don’t want to start a debate about health care, but because of the circumstances surrounding this accident Bob’s business could hang in the balance. Bob’s Keg and Cork remains open while he recovers, but the locals are getting worried. A benefit for Bob is in the works. We’ll keep you posted as we learn more.

Here is a link to the story in the Yakima Herald

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  1. Terrible news but needed to be shared. I’m not sure how many other small beer businesses are in the same boat as Bob, but I’m sure there are plenty. Like the Yakima Herald notes, Bob is now faced with “…the grim reality that he will be saddled with immense debts from an accident that wasn’t his fault.” The article also says, “Had it occurred in 2014, Bob Hargreaves would have been covered under the Affordable Care Act, the health reform law passed in 2010 that will require everyone to carry health insurance.” Though that Act requires all of us to carry health insurance, I don’t see the affordability in it. As I worry about unforseen personal/bodily occurrence hurting our small beer business, monthly health insurance plans starting at $378 and ranging to $897 with high deductibles aren’t what I consider “affordable.” This causes me to wonder if any beer associations (e.g., Washington Brewers Guild, Brewers Association) will ever include low-cost insurance options for their members? Time will tell.

    So what can be done to help Bob now? Visit & frequent his business, The Keg & Cork. If you’ve got friends in the Yakima area be sure to tell them about Bob’s place.
    Open Tuesday thru Saturday

    And keep an eye out for the benefit. I’m sure the Washington Beer Blog will give us the details — when, where, how to participate.

  2. Sad news indeed, I remember a long fun night of BSing with Bob while drinking cask beer at the Keg and Cork after hops fest years back. I hope he recovers well and the Keg and Cork can stay open.

    Kyle Larsen
    Double Mountain Brewery

  3. Tiffany have you tried getting a quote from LifeWise? We got decent coverage for about $250/month with them.

  4. One option may be crime victim compensation through the Department of Labor and Industries. This would require that criminal charges be brought against the driver, however. It is not a easy or quick process.

    It should be noted that required insurance amounts are very low and as a result many covered drivers would be unable to pay the costs.

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