YCBC Gets an A+ for its IPA

One of the nation’s leading beer magazines has just given some high praise to one of  Washington’s newest breweries. Left coast beer lovers often accused the Beer Advocate of  ignoring Washington beer and focusing too tightly on the east coast; therefore, we were surprised to get word that the magazine had awarded Yakima Craft Brewing a grade of A+ for their IPA — the Beer Advocate’s highest review rating.

Yakima Craft Brewing Co. - IPA
Yakima Craft Brewing Co. - IPA

“There aren’t that many labels in the world of beer that have received this (grade of A+),” says Jeff Winn, President and Brewmaster of Yakima Craft Brewing Company. “I’m not sure that everyone reading the reviews will understand that this rating is for an unfiltered session beer produced by a tiny Yakima brewery just entering its ninth month of sales. ”

“Certainly, this kindly praise makes us proud as brewers, and proud to represent Yakima,” says Winn. “We’re going to continue doing our best to live up to the high marks and kind words.”

Yakima Craft Brewing Company is one of Washington’s newer breweries. They served their first beer in June 2008. One interesting note is that they are currently brewing with Bert Grant’s original brew kettle.

Visit them online at http://www.yakimacraftbrewing.com.

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