Zeeks Pizza and others expanding beer delivery programs


We’ve all been wondering, what will be the next IPA? What’ll be the next big thing in the craft beer biz? Maybe it won’t be a beer at all. Maybe it will be beer delivery.

If anything good ever comes out of this COVID-19 situation, perhaps it will involve beer delivery. As we’ve reported, the Washinton Liquor and Cannabis Board recently loosened up the regulations surrounding the direct delivery of beer to consumers. The relaxed regs are only temporary, but they do set a precedent.

Nick from The Good Society Brewery dropping off my crowlers at a safe distance.
Nick from The Good Society Brewery dropping off my crowlers, at a safe distance.

Take a look at our listing of what local breweries are doing to meet the current business challenges and you’ll see that several are offering beer delivery as an option. For example, I just took delivery of two 32-oz crowlers of brewery-fresh beer, delivered by The Good Society Brewery.

$10 Growlers? Say what?

When Zeeks Pizza started doing it in 2017, beer delivery was a novelty. It has proven quite successful for the company and in light of the current circumstances, they’ve expanded their offerings. The growler deals, as well as the selection, is outstanding.


The Program (Uniform for all Zeeks Locations):

Packaged beer, wine, and cider for delivery and takeout: Beer/cider is all cans, wine is bottles. Customers can create their own beer/cider six pack for $10, any combination applies. Bottles of WA wine are $15.

“Filled and sealed growler delivery, in addition to takeout and pick-up: The above menu reflects the taplist at most of our stores, but not all.”

$5 for 32oz growler fills, including glass.
$10 for 64oz growler fills, including glass.

“This is applicable to everything on tap, including the higher end stuff like barrel-aged beers.
We are only filling fresh, unused growlers to maintain highest possible safety and health standards.”


“Customers can order growlers or cans/bottles through our mobile app, order site (, and call center (206-285-8646) in addition to walking in.”